Including a remake of a horror classic, another adaptation of a sci-fi epic and a movie musical that doesn't rely on CGI fur

In The Heights should reach movie musical heights this summer. ~ Courtesy of Warner Bros.

So many movies are coming out in 2020 that it’s a practical impossibility to see all of them. (More accurately, one could watch them all, but one wouldn’t have time to review them.) So what should you be sure not to miss? Here are a few titles – some of which we’ve seen, and some we’re looking forward to seeing – to get worked up about. If available, we’ve provided release dates, which are subject to change.

The Invisible Man

Having given up on that dopey Dark Universe idea, Universal Pictures is just going straight-up dark with this stand-alone reimagining, as writer/director Leigh Whannell (Insidious 3, Upgrade) turns H.G. Wells’s tale of transparency and madness into the story of a woman (Elisabeth Moss) who can’t get anyone to believe her abusive ex – disappeared, and believed dead – is still tormenting her. As modern metaphors go, it’s a pretty effective one. February 28

White Lie

Chasing the next Uncut Gems? Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas’s latest – one of TIFF’s Canada’s Top Ten selections for 2019 – has a similar ticking-clock tension, and an equally enigmatic protagonist in Kacey Rohl’s Katie, a Hamilton college student trying to keep her friends and family from finding out she’s faked her cancer diagnosis. It’s both an incisive character study and a relentless psychological thriller, and with any luck it’ll build the same word of mouth as the Safdies’s current hit. February/March


Although this adaptation of the Disney musical has already been plagued with controversy – on social media, lead Liu Yifei supported Hong Kong police during the anti-government protests, prompting boycotts – the material could actually work as a live-action film. Director Niki Caro made her name helming another adventure film about a powerful young girl (Whale Rider). And Liu is surrounded by lots of great Asian talent, including Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee, Gong Li, Jet Li, Tzi Ma and Rosalind Chao. March 20