Actress who saved man’s life at gym says staff, bystanders did nothing

Jaroslaw Zabrzycki, 51, says he would have died if Alex Jade hadn't helped him; GoodLife investigating

A Toronto woman who helped save the life of a man in cardiac arrest at a west-end gym says a staff member and bystanders did not intervene, even though GoodLife Fitness says employees are trained in CPR and the use of defibrillators.

Alex Jade, 29, was working out at a GoodLife Fitness club near Bloor Street West and Islington Avenue on Jan. 13 when she noticed a staff member carrying a defibrillator and casually walking over to a man lying on the gym floor.

“He was on the ground, face blue, his eyes rolled back,” said Jade about the man on the floor. “The staff member put down the defibrillator and took a few steps back — didn’t even turn it on.”

Jade was trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation before becoming a flight attendant. She’s also an actress who recently returned from the Sundance Film Festival and has starred in two movies.