An army of stars seen — and Heard — at the Four Seasons party

Johnny Depp’s model daughter, with Vanessa Paradis, was one of the belles of the party all right, spending time talking to both Robert Pattinson and Timothée Chalamet, during different quarters

Amber Heard attends InStyle's TIFF celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday. (GEORGE PIMENTEL/GETTY IMAGES)

The room spun with friends-of-friends, and bosom buddies, and “Jon Snow,” and the guy who killed Versace, and even the slightly hazardous paths-cross of Lily-Rose Depp and her ex-stepmother, Amber Heard.

The annual InStyle party, during the fest! Saturday night! Held, as per usual, with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and dipping down this year to the Four Seasons. That’s what!

Johnny’s model daughter, with Vanessa Paradis, was one of the belles of the party all right, spending time talking to both Robert Pattinson and Timothée Chalamet, during different quarters.

Matthew McConaughey came early, and stayed later.

Jude Law was the last celebrity standing.

Are you getting the picture?

Melissa McCarthy, getting raves for her TIFF flick, Can You Ever Forgive Me? was — amazingly — the second last celebrity standing. Looking fabulous, she and Jude had been hanging out on a sofa, kibitzing for a long time — and where does the time go? Yes, we forgave her.