The The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker EP discusses the key to making family-friendly content, and the obstacles he's facing as the showrunner for two shows simultaneously.

Creatives usually dream of making their series popular enough for a spin off. Anthony Farrell, meanwhileis trying to figure out how to make a spinoff before his first episode even airs.

As EP and showrunner for The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker, from Canadian prodcos marblemedia and Beachwood Canyon Productions, Farrell is tackling two interconnected, yet separate shows at once. Both following the life of one newly blended family. Each 10 x 30-minute show is a single-camera sitcom, and while they will work as standalone series and focus on independent storylines, they will also be connected by larger plotlines and feature the same characters and actors.

“The project appealed to me because it’s like having the show and its spinoff at the same time,” Farrell says.


The Parker Andersons follows the comedic adventures of a bi-racial, blended family after a British father of two marries an American mother of two. Amelia Parker, meanwhile, focuses on the family’s quietest member—a tween girl trying to figure out her new life. Amelia became selectively mute after her mother’s death, but is working through her hopes and fears through virtual conversations with her late mom.