Anvil block from ill-fated Franklin Expedition on display at Calgary’s Glenbow Museum

The small, suitcase-sized wooden block appears weathered and pitted

A wooden anvil block from the ill-fated Franklin Expedition is on display at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary until January. (Dave Gilson/CBC)

On the heels of shipwreck discoveries related to the ill-fated Sir John Franklin Expedition in northern Canada, the Glenbow Museum has launched a new exhibition.

It will give the public a rare look at some notable Franklin artifacts as well as some other European and Inuit perspectives on the North.

“The goal of the exhibition is to look at and discuss the imagery that is associated with the 19th-century British expeditions to the Canadian Arctic, in search of the Northwest Passage but then also looking for the North Pole,” said exhibition organizer Travis Lutley.

“We have a group of material on the wall, of artwork both from the Glenbow’s collection and a private collection that are illustrating this narrative, then in the middle of the galleries, in cases, we have objects.”