Avi Federgreen started an initiative almost three years ago to put together a Transactional VOD site that only played Jewish Films and the result launches today called JVOD.CA!

For anyone that knows me they know of my love for Film, how proud I am to be Canadian and to be Jewish! Of course I am also super stubborn and take the NO IS NOT AN OPTION APPROACH TO MANY THINGS I DO IN THE FILM INDUSTRY.

I have always been a lover of Jewish Cinema. The problem being in North America is that if I want to see a certain Jewish film that’s coming out if I don’t get to see it at a Jewish Film Festival or a festival like TIFF, Berlin or Cannes I likely won’t be able to see it. I also find it particularly frustrating that if I ever wanted to watch a Jewish film on iTunes or another platform unless I know the title of the film I have no way of searching for it by typing in JEWISH FILM. Also it’s more likely than not that the film didn’t get distribution in Canada or the US.

With all of this in mind I started an initiative almost three years ago to put together a Transactional VOD site that only played Jewish Films and the result launches today called JVOD.CA! This has been a huge undertaking and yet a true labour of love and the work is just starting.

There will be a huge outreach to Synagogues, Jewish Organizations, Jewish Community Centres etc to let them know that JVOD exists and that I hope they enjoy the films that are offered.

There are 23 films on the site currently and I hope there will be 40 on the site by the end of the year. There are Narrative Films, Documentary films and eventually there will be short films as well! I want to thank a number of people who helped make this all possible.

Many thanks to Go2Films and Hedva Goldschmidt for her belief in what I am trying to do, to Sarka Kalusova and Lisa Levy for all of their hard work in creating this wonderful website, to my friend Justin McConnell for getting all the films and Trailers up and working, to Small Dog Design‘s Joanne McKenna-Howard and Bill Howard for their help creating the JVOD logo, to the BEST publicists in the country TARO PR Robyn Mogil Tamar Lee Gibbert for their undying help and talents and finally to my two fantastic assistants Lauren Saarimaki and Rikki Nicole for helping me with this. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I am proud to have made it possible!

by Avi Federgreen


Avi Federgreen is a leading producer with over 20 years of experience in the film industry, producer of dozens of films in North America and internationally. As the Founder of Jewish Films On Demand (JVOD), Avi’s goal is to promote and support the incredible mix of Jewish films by connecting the North American audience to films with Jewish content. Avi’s strong appreciation for Jewish arts, music and film led him to create and launch the platform JVOD, as a way to highlight these themes within the context of film. The carefully curated list of films all celebrate Jewish history, heritage and culture both in Israel and within the Diaspora. Avi enjoys seeing the expression of culture through film and wanted to increase the accessibility of films previously not widely available to the North American audiences.

With collaborations with companies such as GoToFilms (Israel), the new platform will provide a place where people can access high quality Jewish films that often don’t get played outside of film festivals, places many people can’t get to.

The platform will host an eclectic mix of all genres and will include documentaries, long-form narratives and short films, with themes that explore religion, refugees, LGBTQ+ community, war, xenophobia and family.