Four projects receive a total of $80,000 in combined financial contributions from The Harold Greenberg Fund and MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC

The Harold Greenberg Fund and MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC

TORONTO and WINNIPEG – Bell Media’s The Harold Greenberg Fund announced today this year’s selections for its Manitoba Shorts Program. The initiative, developed in partnership with MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC, is designed to finance short films from Manitoba filmmaking teams, showcasing new creative visions and furthering the careers of writers, directors, and producers as they move towards feature filmmaking.

The following short film projects each receive $20,000 in combined financial contributions from the HGF/Manitoba Shorts Program: Broken Glass from writer/director Sage Daniels and producer Sonya Ballantine; Devotion from writer/director Rowan Gray and producer Jessica Gibson; Lover Boy’s Little Dream from writer/director Ritvick Mehra and producer Gerard Jacinto; and Wolf in Dude’s Clothing from writer/director Solmund MacPherson and producer Drew Scurfield.

“We’re extremely proud of the diverse spectrum of voices and genres from Manitoba’s filmmaking community that are represented in our inaugural selections for the HGF/Manitoba Shorts Program,” said John Galway, President, English-Language Program, The Harold Greenberg Fund.

“These four selections demonstrate strong narratives and fresh, district approaches to realizing their vision. The collaboration with the Harold Greenberg Fund affords these filmmakers a national profile that will help advance their careers,” said Rachel Rusen Margolis, Chief Executive Officer and Manitoba Film Commissioner, MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC.

About the films:

Broken Glass
A young poet, confronted by his junky ex-lover, has to make a decision about their lives together.

A young, hired caregiver discovers that the senior woman she is responsible for is missing and is sent out to the fields of rural Manitoba to find her.

Lover Boy’s Little Dream
Discovering that he’s working in the same office as his long time crush Mimi, Lover Boy dreams of a future with her. To make it a reality, he must take action and not worry about messing up what he already has.

Wolf in Dude’s Clothing
A starving wolf finds a suit of human skin and uses it to become part of society.


About The Harold Greenberg Fund:

The English-Language Program of the Harold Greenberg Fund, with contributions from Bell Media and Crave, provides reimbursable financial assistance for the development of feature films, as well as sponsoring industry workshops, training programs, festivals, special events, and awards. Since its inception in 1986, the French and English Programs of the Fund have supported nearly 4,500 projects and initiatives, for an investment of over $100 million to date in the Canadian film and television industry. It is proud to support the vision and works of Canadian storytellers.


Manitoba Film Programs administered by MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC are a catalyst for Manitoba’s Film Industry through the development, support and investment in Manitoba content. MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC is generously funded by the province of Manitoba through the department of Sport, Culture and Heritage, with the objective to stimulate creative content that results in inward investment, local employment and IP for Manitoba artists and companies.