The Best Brothers duke it out on stage

An eccentric modern comedy by one of Canada's most celebrated playwrights - about life, death, aging parents and dealing with brothers who simply refuse to grow up... or don't know how to stay young.

Aidan De Salaiz and Ryan James Miller star in The Best Brothers at Kay Meek Studio Theatre. - Photograph SUPPLIED

The Best Brothers, Kay Meek Studio Theatre, May 8 – 19. Tickets: $29/$45 available at

Look at your brother.

He got the same 46 chromosomes from the same parents you did but, well – look at him. He eats this, goes there, and sees nothing wrong with going out in public and doing that.

Despite being about 50 per cent genetically identical, siblings can seem like strangers linked only by a common bunkbed.

Whether it’s Michael leaving the Jackson Five, Roman Emperor Caracalla murdering his younger brother or Tommy Smothers bickering with Dick, the root of that sibling unease can be reduced to five words: “Mom always liked you best.”