Bruce Greenwood is a man of many roles

Veteran Canadian actor returned to series TV to play a doctor past his best-by date in The Resident.

Bruce Greenwood plays Dr. Randolph Bell — “a guy past his best-by date” — in The Resident. (ROGERS MEDIA)

He has played doctors, lawyers, TV executives, disapproving fathers, a murderous husband, U.S. presidents, a U.S. secretary of defence and a starship captain, among many other things.

In fact, if you have watched a TV show or seen a movie in the last four decades, chances are you’ve seen Bruce Greenwood’s face onscreen.

On this particular morning, that face is across the table at Cafe Boulud in the Four Seasons Hotel.

“I’ll do anything is the simple answer,” jokes Greenwood, 61, when his extensive list of credits is mentioned.

“I’m a little choosier now than I have been in the past, but I’ll fall off that wagon of choosiness with alarming frequency and just go and do something just because I don’t happen to be busy and it seems like fun, or it’s in a nice location or something like that.

“I like being on a set, I really do; it’s hard for me to say no.”