CANADA COUNCIL 2017-18 Core Grant Competition Results

A total of 1,154 arts organizations have received core funding under the Canada Council New Funding Model.

Around this time last year, we announced our investment plans for the new funds we would be receiving incrementally over a five-year period ($550 million), and to date we have received approximately 20% of the total budget increase promised by the government.

This historic reinvestment in the Canada Council is a strong vote of confidence by the federal government in the potential of the arts to contribute to our economic and social development. To maximize this potential, we have made various commitments through 2021, including:

  • allocating 88.5% of the new Canada Council funds toward grants, payments and prizes to artists and arts organizations;
  • increasing the total funds allocated to core grants by 55% and to project grants by 224%, which amounts to a 50-50 split between core and project grants;
  • tripling our support to Indigenous arts;
  • doubling our international support to boost the presence of the arts from Canada on the world stage;
  • investing $88.5 million in the Digital Strategy Fund; and
  • awarding 25% of new funds to new recipients.

Peer assessment committees have evaluated the core funding grant applications, and ranked organizations based on the strength of the proposals. The Canada Council has allocated funds on the basis of these rankings and our strategic priorities.



  • In total, 1, 154 organizations received core funding
  • 110 organizations received core funding for the first time (10% of total number of organizations)
  • Approximately $117M in core funding was awarded in 2017-18, compared to $92M in 2016-17
  • Approximately 2 out of 3 organizations are receiving an increase, accessing core funding for the first time, or returning to core funding
  • The remainder (34%)  will continue to receive a stable level of funding

Among Indigenous, Official Language Minority Communities, culturally diverse, and Deaf and or disability arts organizations:

  • 178 organizations received core funding
  • 62% received an increase
  • 24 received core funding for the first time

Core funding defined

Core grants are funding opportunities intended for organizations. They cover a broad array of expenses, usually covering costs over multiple years. Core funding grant components are available through the Explore and CreateEngage and SustainCreating, Knowing, and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, Supporting Artistic Practice and Arts Across Canada programs.