Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Adidas has found that models and bloggers, not athletes, are the key to selling...

In March, Adidas announced that it would have 25 different influencers—basically meaning anyone with a large following on social media—come and work with the company on a regular basis.

Over the Rainbow Moving to Manulife Centre in 2018

Iconic Yorkville denim and clothing retailer Over the Rainbow has announced plans to expand its Yorkville presence with the introduction of a new flagship store in the soon-to-be transformed landmark Manulife Centre located at Bay and Bloor.

CAFA 2017: ‘Something exciting happening here in the land of ice and snow’

Canadian designers might be favourites of influential fashion plates like Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez, but the industry still has a way to go toward global recognition.

The Making Of A Fashion Shoot Campaign

I'm certain I wasn't the only one to rip out my favourite fashion ads from the pages of major glossies, plastering them all over...

Toronto Designer Izzy Camilleri On Accessible Fashion And The Meaning Of Style

As an established Canadian designer, Izzy Camilleri has over 30 years of experience crafting everything from fur coats to leather dresses. While Camilleri may...

L’Oreal Paris Makes Historic Hire With Hijab-Wearing Amena Khan In Hair Campaign

“Whether or not your hair is on display, it doesn’t affect how much you care about.” Amazing ad! L'Oreal Paris is breaking barriers and making history by featuring a hijab-wearing woman in a hair campaign.


From singers to makeup artists to entrepreneurs, Canada is home to some major talent — and it’s no different in the realm of social media.


From media barons to tech titans, culture czars to rap stars: 50 power wielders who are changing the world as we know

Fashion designers are making manufacturing in Canada cool again

Digital disruption has upended the fashion-production landscape, and it’s bringing manufacturing back home.

Helene Fischer commissioned 45 DEGREES, Cirque du Soleil’s events and special projects company, to...

The Cirque du Soleil company created and designed the concert tour for German pop icon, Helene Fischer


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