Monday, January 21, 2019

Canadians join Twitter boycott over Harvey Weinstein sex scandal

Actor Anna Paquin invites men to show support by using #WomenBoycottTwitter

Ryan Gosling says Weinstein is ‘emblematic of a systemic problem’

The Canadian actor is one of the few male actors to speak out against Weinstein.

Selling Stardom: A talent agent and a trail of unhappy clients

Lynn Venturella is one of the hundreds of talent agents operating on the fringes of Hollywood, where the clients are mostly character actors, fledgling screenwriters, workaday directors, even unknown wannabes.

Hollywood’s 50 Most Powerful TV Showrunners of 2017

THR unveils the writer-producers of TV's Golden Age — from 'Game of Thrones' masterminds David Benioff and Dan Weiss to 'Atlanta' creator Donald Glover — with the sharpest pens, the wildest visions and the richest deals.

Cathriona White Made Shocking Claims Against Jim Carrey In Newly Discovered Note

A note, allegedly written by Jim Carrey’s former girlfriend, Cathriona White, claims the actor introduced her to ‘cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease’.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion a ‘surreal’ experience for Canadian who stayed six months

Julie McLeod stayed in mansion in the 1980s and looks fondly back at kind host.

It’s a match for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

At the couple’s first public appearance together, the lack of pomp and circumstance was refreshing.

Location scout for Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ shot dead in Mexico

A “Narcos” location scout was gunned down this week after traveling to one of Mexico’s most violent regions to hunt for settings to shoot

Talent Manager Sentenced to Probation for Charging Upfront Fees

A talent manager was sentenced Thursday to three years of probation and ordered to shut down his company for unlawfully charging clients for photo shoots.

An actor’s response to ‘whitewashing’ backlash shows the rest of Hollywood how it’s done.

On Aug. 21, actor Ed Skrein announced that he had accepted a role in the upcoming "Hellboy" reboot. A week later, he dropped out — for a very good reason.


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