Sunday, June 16, 2019

Viggo Mortensen to Chair the Twelfth Glenn Gould Prize Jury

An Extraordinary Global Panel Convenes in Toronto April 11-13 to Choose Next Glenn Gould Prize Laureate


Attracting experienced writers from across Canada each year, the 2017 recipients are invited to BANFF on a full-access pass and benefit from the extensive networking during the Festival, as well as participate in a two-week internship opportunity in the writer’s room of a current Canadian series.

Am I a bad feminist? (written by MARGARET ATWOOD)

It seems that I am a "Bad Feminist." I can add that to the other things I've been accused of since 1972, such as climbing to fame up a pyramid of decapitated men's heads (a leftie journal), of being a dominatrix bent on the subjugation of men (a rightie one, complete with an illustration of me in leather boots and a whip) and of being an awful person who can annihilate – with her magic White Witch powers – anyone critical of her at Toronto dinner tables.

12 Canadian comics to watch for in the first half of 2018

Some interesting comics are coming your way in 2018. Check them out!

Mike Myers on his new book ‘Canada’ and his relationship with his home country

At his home in New York, Canadian comedy star Mike Myers has a map of North America on the wall so his three young...

The TVOKids Bookaneers set sail, reading to kids across Ontario

Ahoy, mateys! The TVOKids Bookaneers Tour, supported by TD Bank Group, will be travelling across Ontario this fall to share a love of reading...

Former squeegee kid writes about gritty life on the streets of Toronto

S.E. Tomas (a.k.a. Gordon C. Todoschuk) draws on own life as former squeegee kid, addict and carny.

WGC Commends Minister Joly’s Vision Statement

The Writers Guild of Canada commends Minister Joly for emphasizing the key role screenwriters play in the industry by announcing a new focus on early-stage pitch document and script development at the Canada Media Fund (CMF).

Author Bharati Mukherjee dies at age 76

Indian author Bharati Mukherjee, part of a Canadian and American literary power couple with her husband writer Clark Blaise, died Saturday in New York...

Scaachi Koul on baring her soul and ignoring the Internet trolls

Scaachi Koul didn’t set out to write One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter. She began working on her personal...