Comedy champ Courtney Gilmour makes use of what’s missing

Gilmour is a surging local standup talent (and co-winner of last year’s Just For Laughs Homegrown) scoring with material about being an amputee — and a lot more besides.


Courtney Gilmour is the next big thing in Canadian comedy, and if you pay attention at all, it is only a matter of time before you will be seeing, hearing and laughing at more of her jokes.

The co-winner of last year’s Just for Laughs Homegrown competition has no problems making people laugh, and is very busy, co-hosting her own monthly stand up show, So Fresh N’ So Clean, constantly slinging jokes at plenty of local and road gigs and also writing on a few projects. The 33-year-old is past the up-and-coming stage, definitely in local-highlight mode, usually headlining or close to it on most bills, and as for what’s next, well, we’re nowhere near the punchline.

Gilmour does usually need a hand grabbing the mic before performing her sets of jokes, because, well, she doesn’t have any. A multiple-limb amputee from shortly after she was born, when Gilmour does standup, the night’s MC usually slides the mic into an elastic band around her arm, or she’ll use a mic stand. Funnily enough, she’s less likely to bring it up in a smaller comedy club, as opposed to a bigger theatre.