During a visit to set, The TV Junkies were able to take a few minutes to speak with Campbell about his roles as Jenny’s father on Coroner.

Nicholas Campbell ~ Photo courtesy of CBC

While Dr. Jenny Cooper (Serinda Swan) may have plenty of her own problems on Coroner, she is also starting to see that her father’s health problems only seem to be increasing. Gordon (Nicholas Campbell) started to exhibit signs of possible dementia near the end of last season, but in just a few episodes this year, it’s become clear that his symptoms are only increasing, and even more problematic, he’s starting to exhibit some dangerous behavior.

During a visit to set, The TV Junkies were able to take a few minutes to speak with Campbell about his roles as Jenny’s father. The Canadian TV veteran shared with us why he was so excited to see his Coroner role expanded, and why it’s such a joy building Gordon and Jenny’s relationship with Swan. He also joked about his hesitancy to join a series where the main character was a coroner after spending 7 seasons playing that on Da Vinci’s Inquest.



The TV Junkies: Going into this role, did you have any idea how big of a role Gordon would play in the show?

Nicholas Campbell: No, it got a lot bigger. I was supposed to die at the end of last year, but I got along so well with everybody that they added me in this. Now I’m in every episode and it’s a good part.

TTVJ: You and Serinda have such a magic about your relationship on screen. Can you talk a little about what it’s like working with her?

NC: She’s so easy to work with because she’s so good. She’s so good because she prepares so much. She’s into it deeply. I used to play the coroner on a show called Da Vinci’s Inquest, which was a big deal and went around the world.