‘da Kink in My Hair is a not-to-be-missed musical

For a lighthearted theatrical moment, one can’t go wrong choosing to spend time at the Horizon Theatre taking in ‘da Kink in My Hair.

With snappy musical numbers, catchy lyrics, funny bits as well as deeply moving moments, the play is almost guaranteed to leave audiences laughing constantly before dabbing tears from the corner of their eyes. It speaks a truth about the female experience—needs, hurts, desires, insecurities, achievements, worries and disappointment—packaged in a wildly entertaining, emotionally moving, fast-paced show.

The play evolves around a hair salon, the women working in it and the women stopping in to have their hair styled. Each time salon owner Novelette touches a woman’s hair, she learns what’s hiding behind the façade as the character reveals in song and verse her what she’s been through and is going through. Terry Burrell plays Novelette masterfully, delivering her lines and songs with a convincing Caribbean accent and serving as a kind of mistress of ceremonies directing the audience’s attention here and there throughout the show.