Directors Guild congratulates Minister on legislation requiring internet streaming service invest in original Canadian programming

Toronto – The Directors Guild of Canada congratulates Minister Steven Guilbeault for introducing yesterday’s new bill to modernize the Broadcasting Act. The tabling of the bill represents a significant milestone for Canadian creators and Canadian stories.

“This new Broadcast Act will strengthen our cultural sovereignty and take a huge step forward to securing the future of our industry in the digital age,” said DGC President Tim Southam. “What’s more, this act will mean increased investment in original Canadian programming and more choices for consumers. This is a win-win for Canadians.”

The Government’s new bill broadens the definition of “broadcasting” to include online services, granting the CRTC powers to require foreign streaming services invest a portion of their revenue generated in Canada into Canadian production, bringing those services into the Canadian regulatory framework for the first time. The bill would also enhance enforcement powers at the CRTC, strengthening the Commission’s ability to ensure compliance of both foreign online services and traditional broadcasters.

This bill is a necessary first step enabling the CRTC to implement changes recommended earlier this year in the government’s Broadcasting & Telecommunications Legislative Review, also referred to as the “Yale Report” for Chair Janet Yale. Taken together, these proposals will inject hundreds of millions of dollars into the Canadian film & television industry and the creation of new content.