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Brandyland Photography

Summary: I have been in love with photography since I first started collecting Vogue at age thirteen. I love style, movement, beauty, awkwardness and intensity. I have had the privilege of working with great photographers for over 10 years...and finally took the plunge with the support of all my friends and [...]
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Chara Berk Photography

Summary: Hi there! Thank you for liking my page! Ireland's Portrait, Fashion and Wedding Photographer Portraits The eyes are the window to the soul! Take a look at my photographs, you be will drawn to the eyes immediately. Each face has a story! Headshots and larger portraits include fashion consultation, props, hair, makeup, lighting and staging. [...]
55 Water Street, Studio #509, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1A1


Summary: As an accomplished, highly trained Toronto Photographer, Lisa is equally adept at; ACTOR HEADSHOTS FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY COMMERCIAL / CORPORATE PHOTOGRAPHY FAMILY PORTRAITS WEDDING KIDS AND NEWBORN BABY PHOTOGRAPHY PROFESSIONAL DANCE PHOTOS EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY Lisa's expert technical skills and helpful, friendly approach, will put you at ease. In the studio or [...]
224 Wallace Avenue, Unit #421, Toronto, ON, Canada M6P 3M9

17 Minutes To Midnight

Summary: Hi! I specialise in head shots for actors, performers and people in the corporate world. I come from an acting background myself and know what agents and audiences are looking for in promotional material that best represents YOU. Your head shot image is your first chance to make the right [...]
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Summary: I have spoken to many outgoing individuals who say that they “just aren’t photogenic”… Well, in a comfortable environment where the photographer isnt counting down the minutes or the exposures, with the right direction, I promise you that you will be. There is much variety in looks and personality but [...]
24 Noble Street, ON, Canada M6G 1A6


Summary: Stunning headshots for stunning people! ?
N/A, Toronto, ON, Canada


Summary: Hello and welcome. I’m Pierre Gautreau. Originally from the East coast of Canada, I moved to Toronto to study acting at Ryerson Theatre School. After a successful run as a professional actor I needed a new creative challenge. What exactly that was I wasn’t sure, but I knew there was [...]
166 Davisville Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada M4S 1E8


Summary: Robert McGee is a Toronto based professional photographer who specializes in headshots for every occasion. He excels at executive and corporate headshots, LinkedIn portraits and business headshots and also offers Personal Branding photoshoots. Robert is also skilled in children’s and actor headshots, with many years collaborating with Toronto agencies [...]
20 Leslie Street, Suite 115, Toronto, ON, Canada M4M 3L4

Alanna Belak Photography

Summary: Alanna Belak is a Calgary-born writer/photographer/digital artist/future homeless person currently residing in Vancouver, BC. Actor? Model? Just looking to capture the perfect moment?  Please, call me your Humble Servant. I’m a young Calgary-born freelance photographer who is has recently relocated to London/Uxbridge, England. I specialize in portrait photography, ranging from [...]
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Twisted Light Photography | Headshot Photography

Summary: Twisted Light Photography specializes in Headshot Photography. Some people say I am a workaholic, the fact is I love what I do. My goal to master photography has lead me to work with some of the best photographers in the world in pursuit of my love of photography. Creating [...]
10832-61 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Rob Trendiak Photography

Summary: To idolize someone is to see him as ideal. As a WWII veteran, Rob’s grandfather optimized honour, respect, and hard work. As a fighter pilot, he valued quality, precision, and a bird’s eye view. After his service, Rob’s grandfather combined his military work ethic and his newfound love of a good view [...]
1774 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5L 1S9


Summary: We will definitely be a good fit if you enjoy the beauty of different time periods, golden light and colors, and the influence of dreams translated into photographs.
1575 16th Ave West, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Summary: Ian Brown is an award winning photographer who's work focuses on the human condition. His portraits have been acclaimed for their simple depth of emotion and honesty. Ian grew up dividing his time between the urban landscape and spending formidable time in the highlands of Northern Ontario. This aesthetic informed his appreciation for [...]
347 Sorauren Ave, Suite #114, Toronto, ON, Canada

Shimon Photo

Summary: Shimon is an internationally published and award winning entertainment and editorial photographer based in Vancouver


Summary: Why should I choose David Chang Photography for my Actor Headshots? Value I get that for most actors, beginner or experienced, cannot afford to pay $500-$1000 for a Actor Headshot session. I respect that your booking is an investment into your career or business.  I have 1 Premium Package for Actor Headshots [...]
20 Leslie Street, Studio 115, Toronto, ON, Canada M4M 3L4


Summary: Quality professional studio photography for just a buck a shot. Great for actor headshots, business portraits, graduation portraits, and group photos. Specialists in headshots for actors, realtors, business, corporate, websites, social media, & resume shots Buckashot  – A Long Time in the Making Our goal?  To be Vancouver’s best headshot value.  Our [...]
2735 East Hastings Street, Suite #201, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5K 1Z8

Albert Nicholas Photography

Summary: Albert originally geared his studies towards Marketing and Advertising. After graduating from University, he decided to train and pursue a life as an actor. Combining both worlds, he has now found a passion and a keen eye for taking actor’s headshots. He loves to collaborate with actors to get an understanding of [...]
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Erich Saide Photography

Summary: Erich Saide is an award-winning photographer whose clients come back to him time and time again for his crisp, highly polished imagery. From soft and sensual to edgy and dramatic, his stylized, cleanly executed photos use incredible lighting to capture a diverse range of moods. After more than 15 [...]
55 East Cordova Street, Suite #607, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6A 0A5