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Vérité Films

Vérité Films is a project-driven company that creates television series, films and interactive entertainment.  Founded by Producer Virginia Thompson and Producer/Director/Writer Robert de Lint, Vérité has become a leader in cross platform entertainment for prime time audiences.

Virginia and Robert have perfected the art of working together and collaboratively with their partners, evidence of which can be seen in the success of the TV shows and interactive products they produce. The duo has a great combination of skills: both are writers, story editors and producers able to create projects, co-create projects, and/or champion ideas brought to them by creative partners.

During the development stage, Robert, Virginia and the Vérité team collaborate to create a clear and singular vision for each project. During production, Virginia and Robert branch off, taking on roles that meet the needs of each production. Virginia often takes on financing, marketing and on-the-ground producing, while Robert focuses on directing, producing and post-production; and both are capable of supervising a story department.

Vérité also has a dedicated team of people who work hard to ensure that each project the company produces rings true to concept and has a clear creative vision.  Armed with the belief that viewers want to see smart, authentic and uniquely Canadian content, Vérité consistently produces quality programs in Canada that reach wide audiences worldwide.

Virginia and Robert and the Vérité team have turned Vérité Films into a boutique company committed to nurturing and championing exceptional creative talent.

Contact Information
Phone: 416.693.8245
15 Beaufort Road, Toronto, ON, Canada M4E 1M6


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