The 2019 EMMY AWARDS are upon us, and Lainey Lui has opinions. LOTS of opinions. That’s her specialty!

Lainey Lui

The 2019 EMMY AWARDS are upon us, and Lainey Lui has opinions. LOTS of opinions. That’s her specialty!

With all the flashy hardware honouring the best in television being handed out on Sunday, live at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, we asked Lainey, ETALK senior correspondent and co-host of THE SOCIAL, for her thoughts and predictions in the most hotly contested categories. As always, Lainey does not hold back!

Q: Are we in for a GAME OF THRONES rampage, winning award after award, after it got a record number of nominations for its eighth and final season?

LAINEY: “Across categories, I think this might be one of the least predictable years we’ve seen at the EMMYS. A lot of people think GAME OF THRONES could run the table, but I wouldn’t feel confident putting my money on it winning the big award (outstanding drama). I think Peter Dinklage is a good lock for supporting actor in a drama. And Gwendoline Christie, with her fairytale story of submitting herself for supporting actress in a drama, and getting in, I think that might be an irresistible combination.”

Q: What are you thinking for lead actor in a drama?

LAINEY: “This is wide open, but Kit Harington (GAME OF THRONES), not a chance. And I don’t think Milo Ventimiglia (THIS IS US) has a chance. Bob Odenkirk (BETTER CALL SAUL), people really love him. However, no lead actor nominee has been more visible this year than Billy Porter (POSE), and there is some momentum. I think it’s between Billy Porter and Bob Odenkirk, and maybe Sterling K. Brown (THIS IS US) might come in as a spoiler.”

Q: Lead actress in a drama?

LAINEY: “It’s hard for me not to have a biased answer here. But in terms of performance, career, and industry goodwill, I think it all comes together for Sandra Oh (KILLING EVE). That said, if anyone is going to challenge her, it’s going to be her own co-star, Jodie Comer. I would not be sad to see Jodie Comer win, because I love the show. But my heart is with Sandra Oh.”

Q: Lead actress in a comedy?

LAINEY: “Everybody is wondering whether JLD (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) can complete the sweep and win a lead Emmy for every season of VEEP. How amazing would that be? But industry people vote on this, right? And as much as they love JLD, they’re also obsessed with Phoebe Waller-Bridge (FLEABAG). Obsessed! She’s a total package, not only an actor, but a writer, a producer, a showrunner. So they’re going to have to choose between their obsessions.”

Q: Outstanding comedy series?

LAINEY: “Ultimately, I think they’re going to swing to JLD for the individual award, so I would not be surprised to see FLEABAG take it in the comedy-show category. I think it’s between FLEABAG and BARRY.”

Q: Lead actor in a comedy?

LAINEY: “I just don’t see anyone to challenge Bill Hader (BARRY). He’s doing something really special with that show.”

Q: You said previously you wouldn’t necessarily put money on GAME OF THRONES for outstanding drama. But cash aside, it’s still one of the favourites, correct?

LAINEY: “This is hard … but let’s go down the list. BODYGUARD, no way. OZARK, no way. KILLING EVE, I don’t think so. POSE is a possibility. I think SUCCESSION is just getting going. And I don’t think the Academy takes THIS IS US seriously enough. So it’s between GAME OF THRONES, POSE, and BETTER CALL SAUL. Breaking it down like that, I think it’s going to be GAME OF THRONES, because they’re going to say to themselves, ‘let BETTER CALL SAUL and SUCCESSION duke it out next year.’ ”

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