Globe Theatre unveils diverse lineup for 2017-18 season

Globe Theatre is still busy with its 2016-17 main stage season but Ruth Smillie is already looking ahead with the unveiling the 2017-18 season.

Globe Theatre is currently presenting The Last Wife, which runs through March 19, with Key Change (April 12-30) and The Little Mermaid (May 24-June 18) to follow.

For Smillie, the artistic director and CEO of Globe Theatre, juggling the responsibilities of current and upcoming seasons is just part of the job.

Here’s a list of the 2017-18 productions with comments from Smillie:

Bittergirl — The Musical

By Annebel Fitzsimmons, Alison Lawrence and Mary Francis Moore

Directed by Greg Ochitwa

Sept. 27-Oct. 15

“A year ago I was on a jury . . . and I read 48 scripts in a period of a couple of months and Bittergirl was one of them. It’s by three amazing actors and it premiered as a straight comedy and it had tremendous success. Then they went back to the drawing board and recreated it as a musical so now it’s set to 1960s doo-wop hits, which is the music of my youth. It’s about getting dumped. There’s one man and he plays as the partners of all the women in the cast. There’s three women in the cast and it follows their journeys of getting dumped and getting over it. It’s a lot of fun.”

A Christmas Carol

Adapted by Michael Shamata

Directed by Kelli Fox

Nov. 18-Dec. 24

“It’s a beautiful adaptation. It really takes the story from the point of view of Jacob Marley and following the journey of Scrooge and his transformation.”

Around The World In 80 Days

By Toby Hulse, based upon the book by Jules Verne

Directed by Ruth Smillie

Jan. 17-Feb. 4, 2018

“This is in a similar style of The Hounds of the Baskervilles, where there’s three actors that play multiple characters. It’s an hilarious send-up of the Jules Verne classic. The three actors play dozens of roles and the play takes us around the world in boat, train, elephant, everything. It’s really fun.”


By Kelley Jo Burke and Jeffery Straker

Directed by Valerie Ann Pearson

Feb. 28-March 18, 2018

“Us is a new play by Kelley Jo Burke and Jeffery Straker. It’s a brand new musical. It’s a play that’s set in a camp for queer youth about a community of young people coming together with their peers. It’s an uplifting play about coming in.”

I And You

By Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Kelli Fox

April 11-29, 2018

“This is one of most amazing plays I have ever read in my life. I can’t tell you too much about it because the ending is unbelievable. What I can tell you is that it’s about a young woman who has had a serious chronic illness. She hasn’t been to school for months and one of her classmates arrives at her home to work on a homework assignment on Walt Whitman’s poem Leaves Of Grass. And what happens as the play unfolds is one of the most powerful and moving experiences in our capacity as a human.”

Shrek The Musical

Based on the DreamWorks Animation Motion Picture and the book by William Steig

Directed and choreographed by Stephanie Graham

May 23-June 17, 2018

“I saw the movie with my kids and I like the play better than the movie. It’s hilarious, it’s got all the elements of the movie but it goes deeper. It’s more a celebration of different and accepting people or ogres for being different. It’s a really fun piece.”

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BY Jeff DeDekker, Regina Leader-Post