With Hands Down, TV and film director Warren P. Sonoda tackles his first play since high school

Warren P. Sonoda didn't even know he'd entered the Fringe lottery; his girlfriend and collaborator, Jen Pogue, entered for them.

Veteran film and TV director Warren P. Sonoda couldn’t believe it when his number came up in the Fringe lottery. He was on set shooting an episode of Odd Squad when he saw the results flash across Twitter. “Holy shit, we’re in the Fringe!” he blurted out.

He felt elation, he tells me, but also “abject fear.”

This was partly because he didn’t even plan on entering – his girlfriend and collaborator Jen Pogue had secretly submitted their names (“for practice, no one gets in on their first try anyway” she told him) – and partly because, despite an impressive list of credits helming comedy, action and horror projects on big and small screens (including Trailer Park Boys and Cooper’s Camera), he hasn’t done live theatre since high school.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, and itching to direct something he’d written himself, Sonoda set to work, quickly developing an old movie idea for the stage.


HANDS DOWN by Warren P. Sonoda (Shoot Good Films Inc/Fringe). At the Factory Mainspace (125 Bathurst).  July 13 at noon, July 15 at 9:15 pm, July 16 at 1:45 pm. $12. fringetoronto.com.