New mobile app leverages augmented reality and game dynamics to give artists an experience-driven platform to find new fans.

VICTORIA, BCAug. 5, 2020 – Today from its home base in the Pacific Northwest, Hipster Bait is expanding its location-based music discovery app into California and Nevada with over 9,000 new virtual locations to hide music in. It’s a free app on iOS and Android that sends fans out into the real world to hunt down and capture unreleased, exclusive music using augmented reality and location-based technology.

Michael Tension, Co-Founder of Hipster Bait shares, “It’s great to see people getting into the game—especially rehiding music in new places. Each location is a game piece. So when our players get excited about taking Bait into the hidden gems of their city, we’re co-creating the game. We’ve already added 155 of the best locations. On the flip side, it’s great to hear from artists that can’t wait to release more music with us.”

While everyone is trying to crack the code on experience-driven solutions for artists and musicians, Hipster Bait has already helped over 25 artists release music into the platform since its launch in June 2020. Many of these artists have reported an increase in referral traffic to their streaming platforms and social media.

Artists can expect more benefits with a growing fanbase in California. Hipster Bait received 3x more player requests to launch there than from any other state. They have the second most employed musicians and its music accounts for 14% of the entire country’s music-related GDP. The audience potential of almost 40 million further increases value for artists with added mailing list subscribers, song ratings, and location-based insights to plan tours post-COVID-19.

Hipster Bait is highly reviewed in the Google Play and Apple App Store with a 4.4 and 4.6 rating respectively. Learn more at www.hipsterbait.com.

About Hipster Bait
Hipster Bait is a music discovery platform for people that want to find new music first. Guided by advisors such as Steve Peters (Niantic, No Mimes Media), Bruce Pavitt (Sub Pop Records, 8Stem) and Alfie Williams (Universal Canada, Frontside Entertainment), Hipster Bait is located in Victoria, B.C. and run by a team of dedicated musicians and creative professionals.