I don’t believe I am on any level close to Prince as far as pure talent is concerned, but I’ve borrowed some of his processes: make work, make a lot of work, get it to where you like it, and move on.

Mike Czuba

Most people think Prince was a perfectionist. This is not entirely accurate. I would consider him more of a “precisionist.” He was meticulous in the details, in the sounds, and in the grooves. He wrote songs that felt simple but were layered and complex, at once subtle and bold. But when mistakes or accidents happened in the studio during a recording session, he was open to those possibilities. If he liked what he heard, he would keep it and move on; there were other things to do. Don’t just take my word for it: Susan Rogers, one of Prince’s long-standing engineers, said “He wouldn’t have had the output if he was a perfectionist… It just poured out of him, he didn’t have time to be a perfectionist.” Prince didn’t know this instinctually, however; he learned it through experience by what, in his mind, was a failure: his first album.