As the COVID-19 situation changes, we will continue to update and communicate our expectations and information for all TALENT attending auditions at our facility.


As the COVID-19 situation changes, we will continue to update and communicate our expectations and information for all TALENT attending auditions at our facility. These measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone visiting our studios, including staff members, actors, non actors, clients, etc., and use guidance from Canadian Public Health Agencies.

Self-Quarantine / Diagnosis

No TALENT will be penalized for missing an audition. However, if you or your TALENT need to regret an audition due to illness, please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, in order for us to find a suitable replacement for that time spot.

We are committed to keeping everyone safe across the organization, and that means following public health advice regarding self-quarantines. We are cognizant of health privacy concerns when dealing with this situation and will keep health information as private as possible given public health reporting guidelines.


All TALENT, but particularly those who have travelled recently, are expected to monitor their health for signs of COVID-19 (dry cough, fever and aches). If you develop any symptoms, notify your TALENT AGENT (if you have an agent) immediately, stay home, and call public health.

If you are travelling to an area with a COVID-19 outbreak

You must tell your TALENT AGENT if you will be travelling to an area where there has been a COVID-19 outbreak. The Government of Canada currently considers the following to be Level 2 or 3 affected areas: China (Mainland), Iran, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. When you return from an impacted area, you must also notify public health within 24 hours of your return. If you are travelling at all (This includes Canadian, US and other International travel)

As the virus spreads, we assume the Government of Canada travel advisory list will change. Any TALENT returning from any travel must contact us or your TALENT AGENT before returning to auditions. The list of affected areas may change quickly and you may be asked to self-quarantine.

Social Distancing

We will ask ALL TALENT visiting our studios to proceed to wash their hands upon arrival

We will make an effort to accommodate more time per audition in order to reduce the risk of exposure by having many people in the waiting areas. We will ask ALL TALENT attending auditions to bring their own pens in order to reduce the contact with objects that are in constant touch.

Please note that we will be making efforts in order to minimize close contact during auditions. We will be asking TALENT to mimic certain actions and to bring their own props as well to reduce touching.

We encourage EVERYONE to practice social distancing and avoid close contact. If you feel awkward about refusing a handshake, here’s a line you can use: “We’re probably all avoiding shaking hands right now, but it’s good to see you.”

Practice Good Health Hygiene

If you are feeling ill or feverish, please stay home.
Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or sleeve (not hands).
Maintain good hand-washing practices (this still is the best way to protect yourself).
We have ordered plastic gloves and facial masks for anyone who feels the need to use them. We will keep these in the waiting room and TALENT sign-in areas.
Avoid touching your face.

Jigsaw Casting Ltd. Team