The CBC sitcom may be ending a year earlier than expected, but its last episode found a perfect ending for its characters

Kim’s Convenience closed up shop last night, its fifth-season finale serving as an unexpected end for the whole thing. CBC had ordered seasons 5 and 6 together, so the news that the series wouldn’t be returning in 2022 came as a genuine shock.

Every time I write about Kim’s, I feel a little awkward. Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is a dear friend, and it gets weird when you write about your friends, even when said friend is the face of a wonderful television program that is going off the air far too soon. But here we are. (Paul and co-star Andrew Phung discussed the reasons for the show ending early in an interview with the Calgary Herald, if you’re curious.)

And though last night wasn’t intended to be the show’s signoff, it certainly played that way: storylines were concluded, character arcs resolved, and the episode ended with the entire cast sitting down to eat together for the first time as a family, happily going their separate ways at the end of the night. It felt final, but it also felt reassuring: whatever lies ahead for these people, they’ve got each other. It’s going to be okay.

Even before that dinner scene, Ins Choi and Matt Kippen’s script found moments of real growth for Simu Liu’s Jung, Andrea Bang’s Janet, Phung’s Kimchee and Nicole Power’s Shannon (who’s leaving for a spinoff of her own next year), and wrapped the up with a little moment of Paul’s Appa and Jean Yoon’s Umma alone together in the store, content with the life they’d built for themselves. It might not have been meant as the end, but it left everyone in a good place, and that’s not the worst thing.