“Kiss and Cry” Cast Talk About Film, Carley Elle Allison at CIFF 2016

“Kiss and Cry” Cast Talk About Film, Carley Elle Allison at CIFF 2016 – Standing up against the unforgiving adversity of throat cancer is like an unpredictable live competition in a figure skating arena. Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose. It’s only human to combat this unpredictable hellish journey by means of music, passion, resiliency and positivism with an infectious smile! Carley Elle Allison was a talented and spirited Toronto teenager who passed away in March 2015 while bravely trying to rival the Goliath titan. She left behind a gifted legacy for all through her world-wide online blogs and hit-making cover tunes on YouTube.


Not since last century when popular culture encapsulated the eternal valentines phrase, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” – from the seminal Hollywood terminal cancer tearjerker Love Story (1970, USA, Directed by Arthur Hiller), does another dramatic romance finally challenges its relative convictions of selfless sacrifices and budding romance. Even as Love Story continues to remain as one of the highest-grossing romantic movies in both American and Canadian cinema history. Toronto-based producer Avi Federgreen’s dares to make a difference with his latest feature – Kiss and Cry (2016, Canada, Directed by Sean Cisterna).