KISS AND CRY – Opens today in Toronto

This biopic focuses on Carley Allison, a Toronto figure skater and aspiring singer whose perfect, happy life was derailed by a cancerous tumour on her trachea at the age of 17

Kiss and Cry opens today in Toronto at the Carlton Cinema.

Kiss and Cry is the inspirational true story of Carley Allison (Sarah Fisher), an up-and-coming elite figure skater and singer who finds love just as she is diagnosed with an incredibly rare 1 in 3.5 billion form of cancer. Sarah Fisher delivers a groundbreaking performance honoring Carley Allison, her real-life best friend.

The reviews have been amazing and I truly look forward to seeing this movie.  Kudos to Director Sean Cisterna, Producer Avi Federgreen, the cast and crew.

Get your tickets … oh … and remember to take your Kleenex.


LINK:  NOW Toronto Review – NNNN Rating