For Kristian Nairn there’s no holding back when he meets fans of Game of Thrones’ Hodor

Actor and DJ, who visits Toronto ComiCon March 17 and 18, says he’s been known to get weepy at fan conventions.

Kristian Nairn has been DJing for about 20 years, a lot longer than he’s been acting, but doing film and TV allows him to connect with people he’s never met, he says. “It’s nice to leave a mark on the world.” (BRYAN STEFFY / GETTY IMAGES FOR THE LINQ HOTEL)

Don’t be alarmed if you see a nearly seven-foot-tall, tattooed man getting tearful at this weekend’s Toronto ComiCon.

Kristian Nairn, the Northern Irish actor who portrayed gentle giant Hodor on Game of Thrones, says he’s been known to get weepy when greeting the show’s devoted fans at conventions.

“What else do you do when people are coming up, crying and stuff?” asks Nairn. “You realize that what you’ve done has touched someone.”

Indeed — and consider this your spoiler alert — the Season 6 episode in which Hodor died while protecting Bran Stark from the creepy undead known as White Walkers and wights unleashed a torrent of social media sadness when it aired in May 2016.