White has worked with Directors Terry Gilliam, Norman Jewison, Barry Levison on Copper, she dressed Robin Williams in Man of the Year, and she collaborated with Guillermo Del Toro on the fourth season of The Strain.

Toronto – Distinguished costume designer Delphine White will be the first recipient of the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design (CAFTCAD) Industry Icon Award.

The CAFTCAD Industry Icon Award is presented to a costume designer or costume creator or contributor who has distinguished themselves over the breadth of their career and their contributions in Canadian costume design and arts for film and television.

Instead of following her original career path in political science and academics, Delphine White decided, on a whim, to try costume design and realized it was where she belonged. Delphine established herself as a designer with the early, iconic films of David Cronenberg including Fast Company, Scanners, The Brood and Videodrome. She went on to work with Terry Gilliam on Tideland, Norman Jewison on Bogus, Barry Levison on Copper, she dressed Robin Williams in Man of the Year, and she collaborated with Guillermo Del Toro on the fourth season of The Strain.

White also assisted on films directed by Gus Van Sant, James Foley, Paul Schrader, Nick Cassavetes and many more.

“Delphine is the rightful recipient of the Industry Icon Award because, throughout her career, her designs have been intricate, and thoughtfully detailed. But more than that, she has been a positive, warm person who cared deeply about seeing people other than herself do well.  She has consistently been a champion of young designers,” said Chairman of the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design (CAFTCAD) Awards.

“I am very honoured to receive this award from my peers.  I have been so lucky to have spent my life imagining other people’s lives and visiting the past, the present and the future to create their stories in combination with directors, DOP’s and production designers.  I loved the process and the people.  The real reward comes in sharing that with folks coming into the film and theatrical world and seeing the excitement. I can’t think of a better way to spend a lifetime.”

The CAFTCAD Awards will take place on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

Formed in 2008the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design (CAFTCAD) is an association of individuals interested in promoting costume design for film, television and media from both an artistic and technical perspective. Our goal is to enrich our community with a national organization that is inclusive of experience and talent.

The Alliance provides an open forum for discussion, networking and knowledge sharing for our members through periodic seminars, workshops, exhibits and an online forum. We explore the areas of individual design approach, illustration, and advancements in film technologies. We celebrate the richness of historic and contemporary fashion and its relationship to our craft.

Our vision is to increase awareness and the value of costume arts and design as a powerful element in the collaborative process of filmmaking; furthering international recognition of the creative talent we have in Canada.

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