Les Grands Ballets Canadiens changes name of Femmes ballet after criticism

May 2019 production now to be called Parlami d'Amore, 'talk to me about love'

This is the promotional photo for the ballet Femmes, featuring dancers James Lyttle, Matthew Duff and Ruben Julliard. The new ballet, now to be called Parlami d'Amore, has been criticized over its marketing language and because its three choreographers are all men. (Sasha Onyshchenko)

The Montreal-based Grands Ballets Canadiens has changed the name and theme of its show Femmes, after women criticized the company for commissioning a ballet touted as a tribute to women but choreographed by three men.

The Grands Ballets was also criticized for the way it promoted Femmes, which included online ads with a picture of three male dancers trapped in ice, as well as language that promised the performance was a way for three “distinguished” European choreographers to “explore one of our culture’s most generous symbols: woman.”

The ballet’s name has been changed to Parlami d’Amore, Italian for “talk to me about love,” and will feature explorations of “this universal theme” of love, according to a release from the company.