Meet fitness trainer Rhonda Roberts Smid

She’s the owner, creative director and instructor at TAB Fitness in west-end Toronto. And a dancer at heart.

A professional dancer for 15 years, Rhonda Roberts Smid now channels her passion for movement into operating a thriving west-end Toronto fitness studio, TAB Fitness, since 2012.

As the owner and creative director, Roberts Smid, 45, is a Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro)-certified personal trainer in group fitness and pre- and postnatal fitness, who recently placed in the top three for CanFitPro’s Fitness Instructor of the Year for 2016. With a “natural and fun” fitness philosophy, she focuses on body weight exercises that avoid all the “gizmos and gadgets at a gym.”

“You can be at your house, take all the exercises we do in class, and apply them at home,” she says. “If you can’t do something on your own, you’re not going to do it for the long haul.”

For the next month, Roberts Smid will be sharing simple yet effective fitness techniques that you can do at home. Her moves will whip your abs into shape.

How did you get into the fitness world?

I was always involved in fitness — I was on athletic teams in school, danced all my life, went to a performing arts school. But the big moment happened when I was dancing in the Lion King in Toronto, and someone busted their knee in rehearsal. I was thinking, “Wow, that’s life altering.” It wasn’t because they weren’t a strong dancer, but they generally weren’t strong. I ended up starting strength training, yoga, and other classes, and later became certified as a trainer myself. After dancing in a couple of movies — Hairspray and Chicago — I had my daughter, and decided to shift gears into the fitness world.