Netflix is proud to help bring Canadian stories to the world. 

Netflix is proud to help bring Canadian stories to the world. We are continuing our search to discover amazing stories from both seasoned storytellers and undiscovered talent all over Canada. Diverse and underrepresented stories told authentically are important to us.

At the beginning of September, Netflix content leaders will connect with Canadian creators through a series of virtual meetings to learn more about their projects and reinforce our relationships with the creative community.

While this series of meetings will be focused on English-language content, Netflix will be holding a similar series of meetings for French-language content in the near future. Details will be shared as they are made available.

1. How it works:

From Thursday, July 16 until Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Netflix is accepting pitch proposals from Canadian creators for series or films across a variety of categories. From these submissions, we’ll invite a number of creators to virtually meet with leaders on the Netflix content team. Additional details for the virtual sessions will be shared with the chosen participants.

2. Basic requirements for all submissions:

  1. Provide your name, phone number, email address and category your pitch falls under
  2. Provide a short synopsis of any of your previous work  – for example a bio, resume or list of credits (for individual submissions, no more than one page, if this is a team submission it should be no more than three pages)
  3. Please also complete, sign and include this submission release


  • Any email submission that does not meet all of the basic requirements noted above as well as the requirements for the specific content category will not be considered and they will not move forward in the process.
  • Creators may submit no more than one project in a category, with a maximum of two projects total. If a creator submits two projects, each project must be submitted individually in its own email. If a creator submits two projects in one email, they will not be considered and they will not move forward in the process.
  • Submissions must be received by no later than 8:00PM EDT, Wednesday, August 5 at [email protected]

Below are the details on the projects we are interested in. Please note that all submissions must also include the basic requirements that are outlined in section 2, above.


The Nonfiction Series team is interested in finding (1) un-produced, English-speaking formats that are globally adaptable and (2) compelling characters or ensembles with universal themes that will travel globally.

In addition to aforementioned basic requirements, required submission materials for nonfiction originals must include: a logline that concisely summarizes the series (max 300 words), fully fleshed out presentation deck, and sizzle reel (can be all found footage) that properly captures the overall look, feel, and tone.


The Original Animation team is interested in animated series and feature films. All global rights must be available. In addition to the aforementioned basic requirements, the requirement for series submissions is at minimum a three page pitch document with visual support and when available a bible and script. For features submissions we require a treatment and art work. Please indicate the target age group, and if available you may submit additional support materials.


The Original Series team is interested in English-language scripted series, and is open to genres including drama, genre programming, family/YA, and comedy, which can range from half-hour to hour-long, and can be limited or returning series. In addition to the aforementioned basic requirements, we prefer a script submission, but we are also open to formats, bibles or a pitch page. Ideally global rights should be available.


The Original Independent Film team is interested in English content from a variety of genres for female-skewing adult audiences, including romance, inspirational drama, thriller and holiday.

We are also interested in family content for kids and teens (ages 6-16) from multiple genres, including comedy, musicals, action-adventure, sci-fi, horror and thrillers.

All global rights must be available. In addition to the aforementioned basic requirements, required submission material must include a treatment (maximum five pages). Optional submission materials may include: script or works-in-progress. Please note in your submission whether your content is intended for adult or family audiences.

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