No quitters on The Amazing Race Canada, says host Jon Montgomery

Montgomery says he expects teams to push through when going gets tough — even if your ‘junk’ gets caught in a harness.

The Amazing Race Canada host Jon Montgomery does most of the challenges competitors face, such as walking a tightrope strung between buildings. (BELL MEDIA)

It’s seems fair to say Amazing Race Canada host Jon Montgomery is not fond of quitters.

“This game is 90 per cent mental and the rest is in your head,” he says in an interview. “There are all kinds of challenges along the way. But you can’t quit.”

Montgomery was vocal about one of the most buzzed about events during the recently completed American version of The Amazing Race. One of the contestants claimed his testicles got scrunched in a harness during a window washing challenge and looked like he was about to quit.

“If he was my partner I’d give him a slap in the head. He’s a crybaby. It can be disconcerting being in a harness, but he went in an ambulance and asked if had castrated himself. There’s dollars on the line brother. Just push through it!”