On Stage: How Black Mother’s Say I Love You (Article by Aundreya Thompson)

Trey Anthony is an incredibly gracious woman who believes in self-care and hard work. She is big on legacy and intuition, and respecting both herself and her audience through the power of theatre and the written word. Her newest production, How Black Mothers Say I Love You, is an exploration of healing, forgiveness, and self-discovery.

How Black Mothers Say I Love You tells the story of Daphne, a mother who left her children settled in Jamaica to come to Canada for work. Anthony produced a documentary and based the play’s lead character on the real life stories of Jamaican and Afro-Caribbean mothers, including her own mother, who left their children in order to make better lives for them.


An intuitive writer, Anthony is moved by the sharing of parallel experiences with her audience. She connects on an emotional level and works to stimulate herself and us into a healing place.

As a woman who since my mother’s death more than a decade ago is still going through the process of finding out who my mother the woman was and why she was the way she was, I am a member of the award-winning playwright’s audience who can certainly relate. I’m stunned by each revelation of the sacrifices my mother made for me.

Through the play and upcoming documentary, both directed by Anthony, we are closer to coming to terms with the fact that our parents, specifically, our mothers, are people too.  They are imperfect, emotional, and full of needs and desires that are often set aside to tend to their children. But they also possess wisdom beyond our understanding.  Trey shared that the best advice she ever received was from her grandmother who encouraged her to work hard and battle against fear because:

“To have the life most people imagine, you must be willing to do the work that most people won’t.”

Anthony cast Ordena Stephans-Thompson, who did a stellar job as Novelette “Netty” Campbell in the primetime television hit Da Kink in My Hair, Jewelle Blackman, Robinne Fanfair and Allison Edwards-Crewe as the play’s leads. On the production team is singer-songwriter and producer Gavin Bradley, who composed the score and lighting the stage is four-time Dora Award-winner, Steve Lucas.

How Black Mothers Say I Love You is presented in collaboration with Girls in Bowties at Factory Theatre (in the Mainspace) located at 125 Bathurst Street and runs May 5th – 15th.

Watch the How Black Mothers Say I Love You official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYpohFr7xvQ&feature=youtu.be


By Aundreya Thompsom


Aundreya is an expansive force on the artistic scene; respectively, a successful model, writer, actor and producer. She focuses on bringing authentic and relatable content to life, working with and bridging the gaps amid a broadening network of creative talent. Perpetually prolific, find her online at www.aundreya.com and http://www.aundreyathompson.blogspot.ca/