P.E.I. hamlet building cultural centre in honour of Stompin’ Tom Connors

SKINNERS POND, P.E.I.—This P.E.I. hamlet has begun work on a gamble: that Canada still loves Stompin’ Tom Connors as much as the countryfolk legend loved it.

Construction is under way on the Stompin’ Tom Centre and Schoolhouse, which will commemorate the life of Connors — known for such Canadiana-celebrating songs as “Bud the Spud” and “The Hockey Song.”

“He learned his love of Canada here and that is likely where he got his desire to find out more about the country,” said Anne Arsenault, general manager of the economic development group Tignish Initiatives, as she stood next to the one-room schoolhouse that Connors attended.

It is the oldest known school in Prince Edward Island, still standing where it was originally built in the early 19th century.

Work has begun to repair and restore the building in Skinners Pond — a coastal community green with farmland, dotted with quaint homes and cottages and bordered with scenic sandy beaches.