In this round, the Fund will disburse a total of more than $1.9 million. Of that amount, nearly $825,000 is being granted under the Support for Convergent Production component

MONTRÉAL – The Quebecor Fund Board of Directors today announced the names of the Canadian production companies that will receive funding in the 37th round of the Fund’s Television Production Assistance Program following October 1, 2018 submissions. In this round, the Fund will disburse a total of more than $1.9 million. Of that amount, nearly $825,000 is being granted under the Support for Convergent Production component to the following producers: Productions Version 10 inc. / Happy Camper Media (Frima Studio inc.), PVP Animation IV (2018) inc. (Groupe PVP inc.), and La Voix Télévision inc. (Les Productions Déferlantes inc.). The three selected productions will air on the Canadian broadcasters ICI Radio-Canada, TFO, CBC, TV5 Québec Canada, and TVA Group. Under the Support for the Creation of Intellectual Property component, nearly $1.1 million is being granted to five projects from Productions Pixcom inc., Oasis Animation inc., DATSIT Sphère inc., Duo Productions inc., and Blachfilms. The broadcasters supporting the development of these projects are TVA Group, AMI, ICI Radio-Canada, TFO, Bell Media (Canal Vie), and Télé-Québec.

Since its inception in 1999, Quebecor Fund’s Television Production Assistance Program has supported 267 projects involving 82 production companies, 46 Canadian broadcasters and 34 foreign broadcasters with grants totalling nearly $81 million.

Under the Convergent Production component, Quebecor Fund has distributed more than $68.4 million to support the multiplatform side of the funded projects (which accounts for 72% of the total sums invested in multimedia by the participating production companies) and more than $7.8 million to support the television side of the same projects, for a total of more than $76.2 million. Of the funding granted to date by Quebecor Fund to support television and multiplatform production, 26% has gone to programs for children/youth, 24% to documentaries, 39% to variety/performing arts, and 10% to drama (rounded figures).

Counting this 4th round of the Television Production Assistance Program’s new Support for the Creation of Intellectual Property component, launched in March 2017, Quebecor Fund has provided repayable grants totalling nearly $4.6 million to support development projects in all genres that have received a financial commitment from a recognized French-language broadcasting programming undertaking (BPU).

Quebecor Fund also has an Export Assistance Program (EXAP), which supports export initiatives by funding the development of audiovisual content adapted for non-Québec and international markets as well as marketing efforts. Since its inception in March 2014, more than $8 million has been invested in 29 export business models with 22 partner companies. In its 12th round, EXAP will invest a total of $500,000 in the business models of two companies, Carpediem Film & TV inc. and Di-O-Matic inc.


L’Agent Jean (interactive installation) 

  • Productions Version 10 inc. / Happy Camper Media (Frima Studio inc.)  
    • Canadian broadcasters: ICI Radio-Canada, TFO, CBC

The mini-series L’Agent Jean : comment sauver le monde en 90 secondes is here at last! Follow Agent Jean’s zany adventures as he and his friends employ unorthodox methods to save the world in 90 seconds. It seems impossible. To do it, they must redefine the secret agent concept as only they can. CBC Kids will bring the interactive installation from La Tournée / Zone Jeunesse to English Canada and new games based on L’Agent Jean will be developed for the LÜ platform.

Tom Sawyer

  • PVP Animation IV (2018) inc. (Groupe PVP Inc.)
    • Canadian broadcasters: ICI Radio-Canada, TFO, TV5 Québec Canada

Tom Sawyer is a 26-episode animated series about a group of kids growing up by the riverside in the late 19th century. They must use all their cunning to evade the strictures of the adult world. The series is targeted at children aged 6 to 10. The televised adventures continue on the web with games featuring the show’s rich characters and plotlines. To reach a wide audience, the games will adapt the content of the animated series to the ages and interests of young viewers.

La Voix (season 7)

  • La Voix Télévision inc. (Les Productions Déferlantes inc.)
    • Canadian broadcaster: TVA

La Voix, Québec’s favourite television show, will be back in February 2019 with Marc Dupré, Lara Fabian, Éric Lapointe and Alex Nevsky sitting in the armchairs again and selecting the contestants – without peeking. The audience will get to vote again in the live segment and ultimately decide who becomes The Voice of Québec in 2019. Season 7 of La Voix will have an interactive component tailored to audience viewing habits. The website and mobile site will optimize the viewer experience on all devices with user-friendly navigation and compelling, engaging content, including a surprising webcast, an online-only Christmas special, and a special digital gift from each of the teams during the live shows.

Quebecor Fund

Quebecor Fund was established through Videotron Ltd., which provides over $7 million annually in broadcasting distribution undertaking (BDU) contributions to the Canadian industry. Its mission is to support the development, production, marketing and export of high-quality content and its exploitation on various platforms. To date, Quebecor Fund’s programs have paid out a total of nearly $102 million.

The Board of Directors is responsible for all decisions pertaining to the Fund, including its priorities, and is entirely and exclusively responsible for its funding decisions. The date of the next round of funding under the Television Production Assistance Program is Monday, April 1, 2019. For reasons of environmental responsibility and efficiency, all applications for all program must now be submitted electronically. For more information, please visit