Ryan Reynolds ‘Shocked and Devastated’ by ‘Deadpool 2’ Stunt Person’s Death

After a tragic death rocked the "Deadpool 2" set, the star of the superhero flick spoke out on Twitter

Ryan Reynolds (Photo by MATTHEW BROOKES)

Ryan Reynolds had a much less lighthearted tweet than usual for fans on Monday.

After a tragic death rocked the “Deadpool 2” set, the star of the superhero flick spoke out on Twitter, expressing his sorrow and acknowledging the still-unnamed stunt person’s loved ones and their grief.

“Today, we tragically lost a member of our crew while filming Deadpool,” he wrote. “We’re heartbroken, shocked and devastated … but nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them — along with each and every person she touched in this world.”

The stuntwoman, whose name has yet to be released, was filming a motorcycle scene in Vancouver, B.C., on Monday that took a tragic turn. The specifics of the incident have not been revealed, but she reportedly went airborne and her bike crashed. Police are conducting an investigation into the accident.

Fans have been quick to join Reynolds in expressing their sadness for the woman’s family and friends, with many sharing their hope that the film will honor her legacy.

[via: Ryan Reynolds/Twitter]