Here are the precautions the mega beauty retailer is taking to keep customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Photo: Getty

As Canada begins easing some of the restrictions that were put in place due to COVID-19 earlier this spring, many businesses are slowly starting to reopen. As of tomorrow, May 22, this includes select Sephora Canada stores (so you can finally close the tab that you’ve had open on your laptop since March).

Of course, there are several new rules and procedures that will be implemented once stores reopen, so don’t expect the same ol’ shopping experience you were once accustomed to. In a statement released by the brand, Sephora Canada explained that it’s spent the last nine weeks developing new safety and client service protocols to prepare for reopening in a way that protects the health and well-being of both employees and customers.

For starters, all stores will adhere to social distancing protocols, which will be laid out by a line coordinator (read: a Sephora bouncer) upon entry. Also, aisles will be one-way only, so you can avoid passing, or being face-to-face with, other shoppers as you move around the store. Perhaps the biggest difference between Sephora stores BQ (Before Quarantine) and AQ (After Quarantine) is that testers and in-store services will not be available, so yes, that Benefit brow tint you’ve been waiting for is still a distant dream.