The shape of J. Miles Dale’s Oscar season

Toronto producer is doing the circuit but trying to stay level-headed with front-runner The Shape of Water.

Toronto producer J. Miles Dale is pretty philosophical about the experience of promoting Oscar-nominated film The Shape of Water, writes Shinan Govani. “What does it mean, ultimately? I don’t know. Don’t get too low, don’t get too high. We are very grateful for the nominations," Dale said. (NATHAN DENETTE / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Tuxedo: check.

Hockey bag: check.

Thirteen Oscar nominations: you bet.

Fully immersed now in one of the greatest seasons of his life, Toronto’s J. Miles Dale is happier than a cat on a dairy farm. He’s the proverbial kid on Christmas morning. He’s a one-man Vitamin IV drip.

Having executive-produced the lush, Sally Hawkins-starring bedtime story that is The Shape of Water — now heading into the Academy Awards as the No. 1 film, in terms of trophy play — he finds himself on the campaign trail like no other time. It’s exhilarating, sure, but also tough on the waist line.

“I’ve gained, like, eight pounds,” Dale admits bar-side at Soho House on Adelaide St. W. the other day. It’s the cumulative effect, alas, of opening and promoting the film for pretty much five months straight, ever since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September, through any number of other awards show rigamarole and all those requisites noshes with film academy arbiters. To that end, he mentions that he’s meeting his hockey crew the next morning to try and keep up with at least some modicum of physical activity. He plays at Moss Park with a bunch of other “dads.”