From Smurf to Strat, actor is all revved up for Bat Out of Hell

Andrew Polec and director Jay Scheib are both fans of the classic Meat Loaf album, now a musical landing at Toronto’s Ed Mirvish Theatre.

Actor Andrew Polec plays Start in Bat Out of Hell at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. (Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star)

In one serendipitous afternoon, Andrew Polec went from hoping to play a Smurf in a musical version of the kids’ show to landing the role of rocker/revolutionary Strat in Bat Out of Hell.

“As ridiculous as it sounds, I had on a SpongeBob belt and bright blue pants and a bright blue shirt and I even had a SpongeBob backpack,” Polec recalled. And, oh yes, a large red floor tom drum.

A fellow would-be Smurf mentioned the “open call” audition a few blocks away for the rock musical and the starving young actor/musician hoping to make it big in New York City, with drum in tow, decided to take a chance.

“I made it up to the audition room and everyone was in leather jackets and spiky belts and chains and here I was in my SpongeBob outfit. So I felt totally out of place with my big red drum. The casting director looked at me like I was a nut,” Polec said.