A Street Legal reboot is in the works — cue the sax solo

CBC’s popular legal drama would return 25 years after its finale. But, Vinay Menon wonders, are viewers hankering for more Street Legal?

The cast of Street Legal, a hit for CBC with storylines that seemed racy in the ’90s but would be unlikely to cause any stir today, Vinay Menon writes. (CBC TELEVISION)

In this TV age of nostalgia and reboots, Street Legal is coming back.

A revival of the CBC drama, which earned water-cooler status in Canada between 1987 and 1994, is now in development at the CBC. Sources say there will be six new episodes, to be executive produced by veteran Bernie Zukerman (Net WorthConspiracy of SilenceRemedy).

If all goes according to plan, the new Street Legal will shoot this fall and air in 2019, or a quarter century after the show ended its fabled run with a two-hour finale that was so culturally momentous, it inspired viewing parties and newspaper editorials.


Though casting is ongoing, I’m told at least one of the original stars, Cynthia Dale, is signed and set to reprise her role as Olivia Novak, the sultry lawyer with the big mouth and messy personal life. Who else is aboard? Since I’m neither Kevin Donovan nor Robert Cribb, I’m afraid this is where my investigation ends.

But the real question is: are viewers hankering for more Street Legal?