Suicide Squad benefits Ontario’s economy to the tune of $80M and 4707 jobs!!

Suicide Squad benefits Ontario’s economy to the tune of $80M and 4707 jobs!!

The Motion Picture Association of Canada reports on the impact of the filming of Suicide Squad in Toronto last year. “During the 98 days of filming, and 168 days of pre and post shoot work, the production created 4,707 jobs, spending well over $80 million in Ontario.”

Eleanor McMahon, Ontario’s Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport, said “I am thrilled that blockbuster films such as Suicide Squad are choosing to film in Ontario, reinforcing our province’s reputation as a world class hub for film and TV production.” “Our government is a proud supporter of the creative industries and I am glad to see that this important sector is thriving.”

“Productions like Suicide Squad are not only an opportunity to showcase Ontario’s talented cast and crew, but also support thousands of local businesses who play a significant role behind the scenes,” said Wendy Noss, President, Motion Picture Association-Canada. “With Suicide Squad spending over $80 million in the province, it is easy to understand why the film and television industry is a critical part of Ontario’s economy.”

Beyond the acting roles, stunts and background performances provided by ACTRA Toronto members, economic inputs included: over $12.5 million on all rentals, including truck and car rentals; more than $4.2 million on lumber and construction supplies; close to $2 million on catering, bakery goods, and other food items; over $2.6 million on location fees; and more than $785,000 on local wardrobe and dry cleaning services.

ACTRA Toronto President, David Sparrow said “We a re proud to see Toronto and all of Ontario growing as a trusted creative service provider in front of, behind and after the camera. These cleaner, greener, skilled jobs are an important part of the province’s economic future.”

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