Tatiana Maslany says she won't be smashing her way through Marvel's "She-Hulk" series.

Actor Tatiana Maslany arrives ahead of the screening of "Destroyer" during the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, on Monday, September 10, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher Katsarov.

TORONTO — Tatiana Maslany says she won’t be smashing her way through Marvel’s “She-Hulk” series.

The Regina, Sask.-born actress insists there’s no substance to swirling rumours that she’s signed to star as Jennifer Walters in the upcoming Disney Plus project, despite reports in a number of industry trades last month.

“It’s funny to even acknowledge it because it isn’t actually anything,” Maslany explained in a phone interview.


“Yeah, like I’ve been auditioning for stuff. I’ve auditioned for these kinds of things for years now, but it’s usually not like a press thing, you know what I mean?”

“It’s always cool, but it’s so bizarre. I would love to but…” she added, trailing off.

The star of “Orphan Black” and “Perry Mason” said while she’s auditioned for many roles like “She-Hulk,” it’s not the first time she’s been linked to a blockbuster franchise without actually being cast.

Reports once surfaced that she was starring as Sarah Connor in 2015 action film “Terminator Genisys,” even though the part went to Emilia Clarke from “Game of Thrones.”

“Literally, ‘Terminator,’ I don’t think I even auditioned for it,” she said.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published October 16, 2020.


In a phone call, Tatiana Maslany lauded Canadian Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin — and said her She-Hulk casting is just a rumour.

Regina-born, Emmy Award-winning actor Tatiana Maslany spoke with the Leader-Post Thursday morning (just after noon in Toronto). The main reason: Maslany was a juror for the Glenn Gould Prize, newly awarded to prolific Canadian Indigenous filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin. In a quick seven-minute phone call, Maslany also discussed her own work — and said her She-Hulk (Disney +) casting is just a rumour.

Q: What was it like being on this jury (which included author Neil Gaiman, musician Chilly Gonzales, and many other accomplished artists)?

A: It was an incredible honour to be on the jury and I feel like I’ve learned so much in the last week in terms of just getting to have discussions with people from so many different disciplines who are just absolute masters of their art form … And going over all of the nominees and getting to learn about some artists that I hadn’t heard of or didn’t know the full breadth of their work was really incredible.

Q: So there was a list of 20-some artists and you all had to discuss and deliberate who would be awarded the prize — how did you narrow it down?

A: Well exactly. Not only are we all from such disparate experiences, but also all of the nominees were from all kinds of different disciplines and countries and all of it.

I think any one of them could have been awarded this and it would have made sense, but Alanis feels so important in terms of what her art is speaking about and speaking to, and just the breadth of her work. She’s been doing this for so many decades and was on set when we called her to tell her she won, she was on set between takes, and she’s 88 years old. It’s just incredible.