The best gift this Christmas is the return of Letterkenny

Let’s talk Christmas gifts. Pitter, patter, let’s get at ’er.

Everybody’s chirpin’ about it right now. Half the TV schedule is treacly TV movies telling you that the only gift that matters is the holiday spirit of love. Or such like.

Still, there’s too much talk about buying stuff for people. Why, there was a time when this great newspaper obliged yours truly to compile a list of TV-related gifts for the holidays that you could buy for your friends or give to yourself. It was one of the worst assignments in the history of assignments. Figuring out box sets of good TV shows, the price and the availability in Canada. Games, T-shirts connected to television. It was soul-destroying work, since there isn’t that much to make a person shout, “I want that!”

The best gift of all is something good to watch. You’re darn tootin’ on that one. Letterkenny returns to Crave TV on Dec. 25. That’s a gift for Canada. A truly meaningful one. And I mean that sincerely.

See, I can tell you this – the problem with watching Letterkenny to write and report on it is that I end up laughing so much I can’t take notes. So I have to watch it again. It’s “chorin’,” as they say on the series, but somebody’s got to do it. I will report, then, that the first episodes of the new season are riotously funny. The show is a miracle of sorts; a fiercely original, sophisticated form of verbal wit mixed in with deft satire and an occasional dollop of gross-out humour. The latter mean fart jokes and occasional dick jokes, but these have a sublimely crafted relevance because, mostly, Letterkenny is having sport with maleness.