The power of pole: B.C. woman finds her passion in pole dancing

'Everyone is very encouraging and it’s about women’s empowerment,' says Glenny Davison

Glenny Davison was 40 when she started competing in pole competitions. Now she teaches it. (Mellissa Dayman-Langen)

Glenny Davison tried just about every fitness trend before she found pole dancing.

From a young age, she did yoga, pilates and boxing, but it wasn’t until she was looking to get into shape later in life that she found pole dancing.

Davison, who was introduced to the sport at age 38, says she loved it because of the whole-body workout it gave her when she was aiming to get back into shape, but she really stuck with it because of the camaraderie and support she found.

“Everyone is very encouraging and it’s about women’s empowerment,” Davison said.