These friends are 21, and were upset with Donald Trump. So they wrote a musical

Trummp the Musical opens Thursday night at the Arts and Culture Centre

Many people quickly turn to social media to rant about what’s happening in the world, but two 21-year-olds from St. John’s took their views to centre stage.

Unhappy with what they were seeing south of the border, Peter A. MacDonald and Spencer FitzGerald took their pent up frustrations and penned an entire musical about Donald Trump, called Trummp the Musical — yes, deliberately spelled with two Ms.

Trummp the Musical cast rehearse at the Arts and Culture Centre Monday night. (Jeremy Eaton/CBC )

“Usually our generation is looked at as not having anything to do with politics, so it is really important to kind of have our stance on it and say our piece,” MacDonald said.

The Arts and Culture Centre in St. John’s is a long way from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but that isn’t slowing the 60 or so people from performing the musical for the first time Thursday night.

“[My] knees are shaking, I’m so nervous. I’m super excited,” said FitzGerald.