They had such enormous fun: Sharon & Bram bid farewell with final tour

Beloved kids' entertainers embarking on final, cross-Canada tour this fall

Little Rabbit Foo Foo. I Am Slowly Going Crazy. Skinnamarink. Many Canadians have grown up with the music of — and have a favourite tune by — Sharon, Lois and Bram.

Sharon Hampson, Lois Lilienstein and Bram Morrison debuted as a kids’ entertainment trio in 1978 and quickly became household names for their vibrant, catchy, internationally inspired music for children and families.

Now, 40 years after they first joined forces with the late Lilienstein, Hampson and Morrison are hitting the road one final time. They’re not hanging things up completely: there’s fresh music and a new book scheduled for release in 2019. But for the septuagenarian musical duo, it’s time to bid farewell to touring.

The pair took some time out from their latest slate of gigs, including a sold-out benefit concert bringing them back to the site of their first major show — Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre — to reminisce about their rise as children’s entertainers, changing times and paying tribute to their late colleague Lilienstein.

First-time jitters

Hampson, Lilienstein and Morrison met as separate participants in Ontario’s Mariposa in the Schools art program. They formed a bond based on their similar philosophy about the importance of music education. In 1978, they scrabbled together $20,000 to record and release their debut album, One Elephant, Deux Éléphants — which was an instant success — and scheduled their first concert at Young People’s Theatre for late that September.