TIFF ’16 Overachievers

Making a film (or starring in one) is a pretty big undertaking. It tends to require huge reserves of time, energy and money, and it’s frankly amazing how many incredible films end up getting made and coming to TIFF each year.

But even more amazing is the fact that some people have more than one film at TIFF. And some have more than two. Below is a list of some of the folks who are attending Festival this year to promote multiple films.

How do they do it? We have no idea. But we’re glad they do.

If you’re a fan of these filmmakers and actors, this is your year to catch them in at least one thing, and (if you’re really dedicated) in all of the things. And although this is by no means a contest, we’d like to note that Isabelle Huppert won.

Kristen Stewart

Number of films: 2

Personal Shopper / MASTERS

Kristen Stewart reunites with director Olivier Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria) for this artful ghost story about a young woman trying to reconnect with the spirit of her departed brother.

Certain Women / MASTERS

Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy, Night Moves) directs Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Lily Gladstone in this tripartite portrait of striving, independent women whose lives intersect in suggestive and powerful ways.

Jim Jarmusch

Number of films: 2

Gimme Danger / TIFF DOCS

Jim Jarmusch recounts the hard-rocking history of Iggy Pop and The Stooges, who burst out of Michigan in the late ’60s with a savage and endlessly influential fusion of rock, blues, R&B, and free jazz.