Toronto Masque Theatre’s goodbye show celebrated its finest work

Company closed its doors on 15 years by showing how old and new artforms can coexist.

Singers aplenty join the Toronto Masque Theatre's final performance on Saturday May 12 at Jane Mallett Theatre. (JOHN TERAUDS PHOTO)

Toronto Masque Theatre. Larry Beckwith, artistic director. Jane Mallett Theatre. May 12.

It’s not every day that three dead sheep sing a swan song. But Toronto Masque Theatre is — or was — no ordinary performing arts organization.

For 15 years the company reimagined, over and over, what multidisciplinary musical theatre might look like in a diverse 21st-century city that still owes much to European artforms.

On Saturday night, Toronto Masque Theatre (TMT) put on a heartfelt, classy farewell to its decade and a half of existence for a warm and enthusiastic audience at the Jane Mallett Theatre.